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2013 Rest Stop Project

Ben Tibbetts helping out at the rest stop.


Dawn Redmond with Barry and Cordula Grimes.

Cordula Grimes

Barry Grimes helping out at the rest stop
with Donna Kellams and Linda Kiser.

Donna Kellams and Linda Kiser volunteering for a shift
at the rest stop.

Helping out a traveler with some hot coffee
and a cookie or two.

Helene Guider and Rob Daigen volunteering for the early shift.


A couple of young people helping out at the rest stop.


Ben Tibbets preparing a pretzel for a hungry traveler.

Yummy pretzels!

Rich Aspenleiter, Dawn Redmond, with Barry Grimes.

Rob Daigen working the rest stop with Bob Ware.

Rob Daigen and Rich Aspenleiter working the mid afternoon
shift at the rest stop.






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