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How do I become a member?


  • Have an interest in fostering the German cultural heritage.
  • Be sponsored by a club member. (You can talk to the Membership Chairperson about this.)
  • Be of good standing in the community.
  • Be approved for membership by the Board of Directors.
  • Pay annual membership fee of $50 per member. In addition, a one-time initiation fee of $0 per person.
  • Submit a completed application form together with the initiation fee and first year's membership
  • State that, as far as you know, you do have German heritage.

    Click here to download membership application form - You can send your membership application form directly to Karin King, the Membership Chairperson, to help speed up the process. To get Karin's mailing address, or if you have additional questions or need additional information, she can be reached by sending an e-mail to





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