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Would You Like to Help Out?


Our Deutsches Haus has remained our cultural haven since 1897 where we meet to sing, dance and enjoy delicious German food. Over these 123 years, there have been dedicated members who have kept our facilities functioning properly. John King has kept our furnace functioning, our coolers cooling, our faucets flowing and now that he is passing on his maintenance position we are looking for someone to take his place!

John is willing to teach, guide and assist the new person on all the vital functions and operations of the Deutsches Haus, to insure a smooth transition into their new role.

If you are interested, please contact Edgar Bueschke- Club VP, Karin King- Club President or John King himself to schedule an appointment and discuss the responsibilities in further detail.
Edgar Bueschke 509-448-7029

Want to Help out at the Dinners -
The society could always use help setting up for dinners by setting up tables and clearing tables, or serving, cleaning, and certain kinds of maintenance. Please call the hall at 747-0004 if you are interested or you can send an e-mail to

Cooks Needed -
We still need some volunteers for our monthly dinners… we need cooks, hostesses and servers. Our club runs off volunteer support. Please, even if you just volunteer for ONE event, you’ll be a big help. Send an e-mail to
if you're interested.

If you  need help with translation, please contact us at and we will try to find a member that can assist you.  We are not set up for formal or lengthy translation services. We gather your information and find a member who can help with small projects.  It is up to them if they want to charge for their services; some of our members have formal translating or teaching experience, so if we are able to help you, you can be assured that you will get accurate translation.

While the German-American Society does not have the resources to help you obtain a passport, we are very happy to direct you to the German Consular information to get you started.

For residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, your consular offices are located in Mercer Island, WA or Portland, Oregon. 

They can assist you, but appointments are required.

Washington State: (By Appointment Only)
7853 SE 27th Street, Suite 180

Mercer Island, WA 98040

TEL: (206) 230-5138

Oregon:  (By Appointment Only)
200 SW Market St, Suite 1965
Portland, OR 97201
TEL: (503) 222-0490








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