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Concordia Choir Spokane


Photo taken 2016


Concordia Choir


If you are interested in having the Concordia Choir perform in your area, or for your organization,
please send an e-mail to

If you are a interested joining the Concordia Choir, please send an e-mail to the above
e-mail address. Note: You need to be a member of the club to be a part of the choir.

History of the Concordia Choir

The roots of the Concordia Choir in Spokane can be traced to 1883 when a German Männerchor (male choir) greeted the arrival of the first Northern Pacific Railroad train in Spokane.  Many German immigrants lived in the Inland Northwest at that time, and by the turn of the century numerous German choirs existed in Spokane.

In 1911 several of these choirs merged into one organization that has become our current Concordia Choir of Spokane.  In 2006 we celebrated our 95th Anniversary.

Our choir members belong to the German American Society of Spokane and meet regularly for club functions at the Deutsches Haus on West 25 Third Avenue.  The Concoria Choir is incorporated as a non-profit organization and its mission is to promote the German culture in song.  We are 45 active singers; most are of German origin.

The choir performs several public concerts during the year at the Deutsches Haus, and organizes a German Christmas service in December at one of the local churches.  The choir also performs by invitation for other groups and charitable institutions.

As part of the North Pacific Sängerbund, Spokane hosted song festivals in 1934, 1958, 1969, 1974 (in conjunction with “EXPO 74”) and most recently in 1993.






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