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Membership Dues for 2018 Now Due!
Hello from Inge: I wish all our members, and their families, a happy and healthy New Year!  May your 2018 be better than any other year before. Hopefully,, it will be the biggest and most successful year for our German Club.  Please remember to send in your 2018 Membership Dues now!  The cost is only $50 per member. Make checks out to German American Society and mail to 25 W. Third Ave, Spokane, WA 99201.


Thoughts and Prayers: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Theresa Reedy.  She passed away this month and will be dearly missed by our club members.


"Have a Heart, Give a Heart" -If you were a contributor to the "Have a Heart, Give a Heart campaign, your name is now proudly displayed on a plaque in the front entry of the club. Thank you for your generosity!  Gifts such as these make it possible for us to maintain our historical building in a manner befitting of our building's heritage!  If we missed someone, please let us know.


The G.A.S. Desperately Needs Your Help!  You Won't Believe What the City Requirements are for Our Building Now!!  An unexpected project, required by the City Fire Department, demands a retrofit of the single anti-backflow valve on the fire suppression system.  A double valve is now installed!  This valve is a part of the emergency sprinkler system for the GAS building. This remodel of an old system creates a huge monetary outlay for the club this month.  The Board selected the best bid, which costs the club approximately $6,000.  The project is on-track to meet the mandatory Jan. 31st deadline. This monetary outlay has a devastating impact on your club’s 2018 budget.  John and Hans, are leading off a challenge and asking you to consider contributing $200 per family, $100 per person, if you are financially able, to help cover the costs of the $6000 repair.  Our combined efforts continue to revitalize this treasured building.  Yes!!  Our building is worth it!


Report on 2017 Events and Thanks to All Who Helped Make Them Successful:  Christmas time at our club was especially festive this year.  Edgar Bueschke bought the Christmas tree.  Eberhard Schmidt and Hans Herzog contributed money to defray the cost.  Edgar and Eberhard put on the lights and Heiderose Glass and Maria Reisfelder and Melody Faris decorated the tree.  Also displayed was the beautiful “Weinachts Krippchen” (crib) donated last year by Gustav and Luise Aspey which now belongs to the G.A.S.  The Christmas sing-a-long added a nice touch to the dinner.


Two Metal Edelweiss created by Karin Austin’s son and beautifully painted by Karin, installed by Eberhard, now hang on either side of the German American Society sign above the entrance.  A much-needed new awning over the back lower-level stairway was donated and installed by the President of U-Haul, Manny Mendez.  He is a new member of our club.  We welcome Manny and his wife and thank them for their generosity.


Member Contributions go a long way toward keeping the G.A.S. of Spokane alive and available for our personal and cultural enjoyment.  Our dues amount to $5 per month per member for each of the 10 months we are in operation annually.  Keeping our dues at $50 a year, per club member, $100 per couple, assures that members can continue to belong regardless of their income level.  We also recognize the contribution of time and talent that keeps our club vibrant and assures its existence into the future.  There is great value in the contribution of cooking dinners, serving at the dinners, being board members, painting and repairing our historical building, cleaning, decorating, etc.  Donations in 2017, of new toilets and “Hearts” to cover painting and building repair, helped balance our budget without drawing down the small G.A.S. savings or E-bond reserves. 


Octoberfest Income was $11,600.  Expenses were $8,760.  Profits $2,840.  Thanks to each of you who put in so many volunteer hours to make a small profit, this first year at the new Valley venue.  The Board and Oktoberfest committee are looking at ways to improve profits from this event in the future.  Welcome to the many new members who joined the German-American Society over the Oktoberfest weekend.  We are looking forward to getting to know each of you and hope to see you at the upcoming dinners. 


Advertise in Our Newsletter:  Thanks to those community organizations which have agreed to place a business-card-sized ad in our newsletters.  For $100 per year, we will attach a company’s business-card to our newsletters to let our members know of the services these organizations offer. This revenue will help to offset the cost of mailing our newsletters each month!  The postage for and printing of newsletters this year was contributed by a Board Member.  We wish you a Happy New Year!!




Welcome to our sixteen new members.  We are looking forward to getting to know you!  Please join us for the upcoming December events.  Call in your reservations today to Hans Herzog. 


The Deutsches Haus will host ballroom dancing on the 2nd Friday of every month, 7 pm to 10 pm beginning on Friday, January 12, 2018!  German Club members will dance free!  Guests will pay $15 per person or $25 per couple. Recorded music will be provided by Judy Palrud, the  hostess for this new club event.  Dancers will be served light snacks and water.  Encourage your friends to come.  Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase to guests signed in by G.A.S. club members.




A special thanks to William & Amy Luke for cooking our Pioneer Day Dinner, to Heiderose Glas and Edgar Buschke for helping them, Kathleen and Theresa (The Schreiner girls) for serving, and the choir members for the set up and enjoyable choral performance.  A good time was had by all at the Pioneer Day celebration!!


The Deutsches Haus will host Ballroom dancing on the 2nd Friday of every month, 7:00 to 10:00pm, beginning on Friday, January 12, 2018!  German Club members will dance free!  Guests will pay $15 per person or $25 per couple!  Recorded music will be provided by Judy Palrud, the hostess for this new club event.  Dancers will be served light snacks and free water.  Encourage your friends to come. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase to guests signed in by G.A.S. club members.


Many thanks to generous donors who sponsored hearts for our renovation project. Please notice the renovations we have made inside and outside our building.  Many volunteer hours went into prepping and painting, repairing and cleaning.  The materials were costly.  At the Schnitzel Dinner, new wooden hearts to replace damaged ones were displayed.  Members were asked to sponsor a heart, $50/family, or $25/single, with proceeds going toward renovations.  The members responded by raising $1075.  17 family sponsors and 9 single sponsors!  Hurrah!!


Soon there will be a new plaque in the entry hall, with all donor names written on a separate heart for all to see who “gave a heart” for the German American Society.  If you missed the opportunity to sponsor a heart, there is room for a few more sponsors.  Please call Judy Palrud (509)202-7761 if you are interested.    New hearts have been added already to the repainted shutters on the west side of the building.  Northside replacements will be done next summer. 


Welcome to our sixteen new members who joined us over the Oktoberfest weekend.  We are looking forward to getting to know you!  Please join us for the upcoming events.

The Oktoberfest weekend was a great deal of fun!  We will know more about the financial success of the weekend in the days to come.  Thanks to each of you who worked so tirelessly serving beer, welcoming guests, selling wristbands, counting script, singing with the choir, dancing and visiting with other guests, and involved in any way with the success of the weekend.  John King once again was a major player in the success of the beer and wine sales and service.  Thank you everyone!   What a team!!  (Did you see Karin King dancing with the



PIONEER DAY AT THE DEUTSCHES HAUS!  The German-American Society will celebrate Pioneer Day on Sat. Nov. 4th at the Deutsches Haus to honor German immigrants who settled in the Pacific Northwest over a Century ago.  The festivities will begin at 6:30pm with a home-cooked dinner, followed by a performance of the Concordia Choir.  Our special guests will be the Spokane Horn Club playing German and American folk tunes.  After the concert, Norm Seeberger will be playing dance music in the upstairs hall.  You are all invited to attend this special event, meet old and new friends, and enjoy the hospitality of the German Club. 

OKTOBERFEST:  Volunteering at Oktoberfest is a fun way to enjoy the music and fun and help your club to make this important fundraiser a great success:

*Call John King at 509-499-7989 to serve beer!  (MAST license required to serve alcohol! Still time to go on line to get the license.)

*Call Inge Cantu to assist at the membership table. 509-435-7286

*Wear your best Oktoberfest Tracht - (costume) and welcome guests, etc.



OKTOBERFEST:  The biggest 2017 German-American event is currently being planned!  Save the dates:  October 27, 28, 29th at Center Place Regional Event Center in the Spokane Valley.  Easy Free Parking!   Food & Beer sold (served by friends of the German American Society-Spokane).  Our choir joins in the presentation of German Music. German Food and Family Friendly activities available all weekend long.  Come for authentic German beer, dancing and entertainment.  When you come to the Krautwickel Dinner at your club on September 16th, please pick up a notice of the SpokaneOktoberfest that advertise this year’s event and pass it out to family and friends and at your work place! Help make this a community building event for our German-American Society.  The Oktoberfest has traditionally been our club’s biggest fund raiser.  Because of the change of location, from Spokane City Center to Center Place, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, we need every member’s help to get the word out this year!!  Thank you!  If you would like to help with this event, please let Karin King now!!  If you want to serve beer, let John King know!! If you are interested in buying wrist bands or selling wrist bands that benefit the club, call Hans Herzog.  This year, all GAS members will be able to sell 3-day admission wrist bands to friends, family and acquaintances for $10 each, with $5 going directly to the GAS!  Wrist bands purchased at the door only benefit the GAS through beer sales.  A free wristband will be given to each member who sells 25 wrist bands.  Call Hans Herzog at (509)456-7456 or (509)710-2130 and get on his list to receive wrist bands as soon as they become available.


Little elves were visible all summer long improving and beautifying our club to ready it for our upcoming events.

We want to thank each one of you who gave of your summer days to make our club sparkle with cleanliness and true German charm.  Although much remains to be done, a definite improvement will be noticed by all members as you enter your favorite club:  Please let us know if we have left anyone out!  Each contribution of time, talent and materials helped to make this project possible.  Again, we thank all of you!!  We couldn’t help but notice Eberhard Schmidt’s name came up over and over!  Thanks, Eberhard!!

Early July:  New Flooring in Upstairs Bar: Materials donated by Gina Cook of “Gina’s Design Center”.  Installation
costs and new floor mats donated by Hans and Mallene Herzog.  Shampooing of entryway carpets: Mallene

SPRUCING UP DAY: July 22nd.  Washing windows and light fixtures up and downstairs: Melody Faris, Eberhard Schmidt, David Mahelona, Inge Cantu, Gary Puseman, Karin King.

Prep and painting of Entry:  Robert and Judy Palrud, and Sonja DeWitt.

Artistic Talents of Karin Austin for design for Outside Entry.

SKY FEST at Fairchild, July 29-30:  Helga Switzer, Waltraut Johnson, Eberhard Schmidt, Edgar Bueschke, Heiderose Glass, and Tom & Karin Stebbins.

UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY, August 19:  Karin King and helpers: Elke Griffith, Eberhard Schmidt and Rosemarie Carlson.

GERMAN CLUB ENTRY REMODEL, August 20:  Eberhard and Justin Schmidt: removed scalloped boards at entry way: reinforced fluorescent light fixtures with 2’x6’x10’ boards and took boards to Judy Palrud for creating and painting a new scalloped entry.

VALUE VILLAGE FUND RAISER: (Sort & Transport) Eberhard Schmidt, Hans Herzog, Inge Cantu, Gary Puseman, Dan and Roseann Ueller! Thanks to everyone who contributed their new and used items to make this fundraiser a success.  Profit:  $360.00



JUNE  2017


A heart-felt sympathy to Waltraut Johnson who recently lost her son in a vehicle accident.


A giant THANK YOU to Cordula and Barry Grimes and their daughter, Nicole. Cordula and Barry are moving to Puyallup. We appreciate this family's dedication to our club in the past years, and the many hours of hard work they put into improving the German American Society of Spokane. We hope they find a German-American connection in their new home town.


The newly donated toilets have arrived and are currently being installed by our most generous maintenance volunteer, John King.  Several have already been installed in the upstairs woman’s bathroom.  If any member is willing to offer John a hand in these installations, or in the tiling of the walls behind several of the toilets, John would be most appreciative.  THANK YOU JOHN!! What a gift to our club to have such a talented mechanic in our organization.

Our hot water tank finally broke, a new tank has been installed by John King and one of his plummer friends.  It is running and giving us lots of hot water.  This was a costly purchase.  We will have to access our memorial fund to help pay for this, $1400 project.  Take a look at the completed installation.  Nice work John!  Any donations to the club for this project would be greatly and happily accepted.


Both of our recent events, Spring concert and Mexican Fiesta were fun and each brought in additional funds for the needs of the German American Society.

Special Thanks for the generosity of our members in making these Events a success.

§  to the Choir for their many hours of practice and the wonderful concert they provided for our enjoyment. 

§  to the Schreiner girls, Ann, Teresa and Kathy, for being the servers for the Spring Concert dinner.

§  to Maria Reissfelder-Scharff for all the wonderful decorations and setting up the beautiful fresh flower arrangements for downstairs as well as upstairs. 

§   to Susie Schmidt for always volunteering to help ready the desserts in our Kaffeestube

§  Susie is often assisted by her granddaughter Genevieve. Thanks Genevieve.

§  Dan Ueller, who every Monday night pushes our heavy trash container out to the street for the garbage day pick up.

§  To the tireless maintenance work of John King who has been especially busy this month with many repairs, and now the installation of a new hot water tank and ten new toilets.  

§  To Karin King for the energy and enthusiasm she puts into her job as President of our club.  She is an inspiration to us all with her ideas and drive to keep our club alive and growing.

§  Our Club Clothing Drive is still in full swing.  Please feel free to bring in any items you no loonger need.  The choir is usually singing on Tuesday nights, so the club is open to receive your donations then and at any one of our dinner events.

o   There are other helpers not mentioned here, but we know that each of our contributions go a long way toward keeping the G.A.S. of Spokane alive and here for our personal enjoyment.    


MAY  2017


March dinners were a success and a lot of fun!  A special thanks to our March cooks!  Thanks to our fine chefs, Helga and Heiderose, the April 8th birthday dinner and cake raffle, and bar receipts, brought in quiet a bit after all the bills were paid.  The gulash dinner was superb!  We know how hard our chefs worked to keep the costs down, often donating much of the cost of the dinners themselves, and shopping for the best meat prices.  Thanks you so much!


Thanks to John King for cleaning the graffiti off the front and side of our clubhouse.  Nice!


The clothing drive is in fullk swing!  We need a lot more donated items to make our goal of 1000 pounds: dishes, shoes, books, small furniture, etc., will be accepted.


If you have ever "Fallen to the porcelain" in our outdated club bathrooms, you will be pleased to know that ten of our club members have each offered to purchase one, new, taller toilet, handicap style with new style seats, to replace the outdated ones in all bathrooms at the German American Club!  A special thanks to these families for their generosity: Aspey, Bueschke, Connally, Herzog, King, McKeirnan, Puseman-Cantu, Reissfelder-Scharff, Schumacher, and Schull.  Hans Herzog will do the purchasing with a special deal from a long-time business connection, and John King will take charge of installation, asking for help as he sees fit.


With the help of the board, Karin King, our President, has completed the annual reporting necessary to assure the continuation of the Tax-Exempt Status of the German American Society of Spokane.  The work done this year will help streamline the process going forward.  Thanks Karin!


NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT:  The following board members are not up for re-election:  Karin King, President; Inge Cantu, Membership; Eberhardt Schmidt, Ways and Means; Sonja DeWitt, Secretary.  No nominations will be accepted the evening of the meetng.
    Edgar Bueschke and Gustav Apsey, our Nominating Committee, announce the following nominations for new or expired terms for the election to be held on May 12th at the general meeting:

1st Vice President  -  Hans Herzog Bar Manager:   Marc Connally
2nd Vice President of Maintenance  -  John King Social:  Karin Austin
Treasurer:   Mallene Herzog Kitchen Committee:   Renate Cross








A special thanks to Cordula Grimes who put in so much time and effort for the well-being of the club during her years of service on the G.A.S. Board.  We wish Cordula and Barry many years of happiness in their new home.  They have chosen to be move closer to their children and grandchildren.


2017 G.A.S. Board Member Nominations and Elections:  The nominating committee: Edgar Bueschke and Gustav Apsey, would like to inform you that at the April 7th General Meeting candidates to fill the expiring positions on the G.A.S. Board will be introduced. At that time, nominations from the floor will also be accepted.  At the general membership meeting in May, 2017, the membership will vote for their choice of nominees. It is important that as many members as possible attend these two meetings to involve a good representation of the membership in this process.  Please contact the nominating committee if you are interested in running for an open board position.  No further nominations will be accepted at the May meeting.  A special thanks to the nominating committee for helping with this.  The following members have been determined to be in good standing and have been nominated.

1st Vice President Hans Herzog  (Cordula Grimes resigned)
2nd Vice President (Maintenance) - John King and Bob Ware who has done this job unofficially for several years.  Thanks to both!
Treasurer and Newsletter Mallene Herzog (up for re-election after filling in the end of John Stein's Term)
Food Service Trustee Renate Cross; willing to serve another term.
Bar Manager Marc Connally; willing to serve another term.
Social Trustee Open; Karen Austin - willing to server.
Rental Gary Puseman - willing to serve another term.




Clothing Drive: Remember to bring in any unneeded clothing and small household items you wish to donate.  Dan Ueller, our club member, will take these items to Value Village.  We will receive 5 cents per pound for books and 20 cents perpound for clothes.  All the proceeds go to support our club.


Sunshine Report:  Special prayers for our G.A.S. friends and family who are in need of Love and Support because of illness or loss! 

Family of Jack Frost
Paula DeWitt  (Sonya's Mom)
Elaine Shull and Helen Bruehl





Fasching Dinner:  Judy Palrud and family for decorating, organizing and entertaining us in a very special way!  Wow!


March 11th Salmon Dinner:  Ann and Russ Heaton and entire family for donating, cooking, and serving the very tasty Salmon and Ham dinner, Augratin potatoes, Apfel Kuchen!


New Tablecloths:  Thank you Inge Cantu for dressing up our dining room with the lacey white tablecloths you donated!


MARCH  2017


NEW FUND RAISER: Clothing Drive - Time for spring cleaning:  Bring your items with you to the club.  A three-fold benefit:  1. The needy of your town!  2. G.A.S. received $$ per pound donated.  3. Room in our closets for our summer clothes!  February and March only!


Glass Jar Night Review: Special thanks to Renate Cross for taking reservations; to Hostess, Robin Campbell; to our wonderful cooks; Maria Reissfelder Scharff, Inge Cantu and Dianna Kilgore; Kaffeestube, Susie Schmidt; and the welcoming cashier, Gary Puseman.  Thanks also to Maria Reissfelder-Scharff and Hans Herzog for the potato salad they provided. Thanks to Inge Cantu for the sausages she provided.  The raffle queen was Genevieve Schmidt. The raffle was fun and brought in some $$ to help run our club.  A great big THANK YOU to all who attended, and those of you who brought the jars full of surprises, played the game, and helped to make this evening a success!


Saengerfest in Kelowna, B.C. - The Concordia Choir is now starting with rehearsals for the Spring Concert in April, and preparing for the German Song Festival (Saengerfest) to be held this year in Kelowna, B.C. over the Memorial Day weekend in May.  Anyone interested in joining the Concordia Choir on this four-day bus trip, hotel stay in Kelowna, and concerts, should contact berhardt Schmidt at 509-928-2595 to arrange for accommodation.




A Quick Reminder - Membership dues are due now.  Please send your $50 to the club.


If you were at the New Year Dinner on January 7th, tell your fellow German Club members about the fun that was had by all!  John King and his daughter provided a wonderful dinner, with Schnitzel und Kartoffeln und salad.  For dessert, John King served his cheese cake, MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOOD!  This delicious dessert was donated by John King and Karin King. Inge Bohnet, Felizitas Martin and Renate Cross helped to serve. Norm Seeberger played and many people danced... including the young people who had joined us for the fun!  Nice work everyone who jumped in at the last moment to make his dinner fun and a great success!  Gustav Apsey found the special rolls, and Gustav and Ron Niederstadt helped John King in the kitchen.  Let us know when the young members of young family will be joining us for dinner.  We can make sure they at least learn to do the Chicken Dance!


Up-Coming Choir Trip to Kelowna, B.C. - The Concordia Choir is starting the New Year with rehearsals for the upcoming Spring Concert in April.  The choir is also preparing for the German Song Festival (Saengerfest) to be held this year in Kelowna, British Columbia, during the Memorial Day weekend in May.  Anyone interested in joining the Concordia Choir on this four day bus trip should contact Eberhard Schmidt at 509-928-2595 for details about reservations.



Sunshine Report:  Donna Kellams – Dec. 2016

We offer our support and encouragement to the following members dealing with health issues:  To Lisa Brown, a get well soon wish! Quick healing for Dieter Dinse for his broken rib!

  May all our ailing members, those listed and those not, enjoy improved health, peace and speedy healing!   

Thank you, Donna Kellams, for sending get-well cards to our club members!!

LOOKING AHEAD to SPRING:  2017 Nord-Pacific Saengerfest in Kelowna, B.C.

The Concordia Choir Spokane will participate in the Nord Pacific Song Festival in Kelowna, B.C. over the Memorial Day weekend, 2017.  Eight German choirs from Washington and British Columbia will individually perform German folk songs and selections from Classical music.  At the end, all choirs combine in a mass choir on stage.  If you enjoyed the recent Pioneer Day event at the German Club, just imagine the glorious sound of eight combined choirs.

The Concordia Choir will travel by bus to Kelowna and there will be enough space on the bus for anyone who want to join them.  Motel accommodations for the 4-day trip can be made at the Sandman Hotel and Suites in Kelowna at special room rates.  Please get in touch with Eberhard Schmidt (509)928-2595, or call Suzanne Capstick (509)624-8025 for details about making room reservations.  The cut-off date for the special room rates is February 27, 2017.  Kelowna is a delightful place to visit, with its beautiful lake and mountains and vineyards.  There are 700 wineries in the area, so of course, many tasting rooms.  This is going to be a lovely little trip; with a singing engagement you will always remember.  You are welcome to join us!  Thank you!  Eberhard Schmidt

* Our Christmas Dinner, prepared by Heidirose and Helga was a great success.  Thanks to these marvelous cooks, and to the women who served us all with such grace and efficiency, the evening was filled with fun and laughter.  We thank you all!  It was a magical night of German Weihnachstmusik und Gemuetlichkeit!  To make the evening complete, Norm Seeberger, band of one, played his new electronic accordian for our dancing enjoyment!  He makes it sound like an entire orchestra is playing.  Thanks also to Gae, who stepped up to help in the bar in Marc’s absence.  Our dedicated volunteers, without whose help we wouldn’t exist, make the German- American club a special place to gather with friends and family throughout the year.


Mail  dues to: German American Society, W 25  3rd Ave.,  Spokane Wa 99201! Happy New Year to all our members and their families.  I hope you all have a healthy and peaceful 2017.  Please be reminded that our dues for 2017 are now due.  Maybe Santa gave your whole family a membership?  What a great gift that would be.  A gift that lasts the whole year!   Blessings to all of you!    A special thank you to those who have already paid from our membership chairperson, Inge Cantu!   Our President, Karen King reminds us that we voted to move dues back to $50 from $75 per person in hopes that if you are signing up as a couple, you will consider signing up each person separately to help the club meet on-going operational expenses.                                                                                          Meeting our annual costs to operate will require a little sacrifice on each of our parts to be able to maintain the club as our  beautiful historic gathering place .  We know many of you already contribute generously in time and money.  We thank you!  



2016-17 G.A.S BOARD MEMBERS                                                  

·          President - Karin King

·          First Vice President - Cordula Grimes

·          Secretary – Sonya DeWitt

·          Treasurer – Mallene Herzog

·          Trustee (Membership) – Inge Cantu

·          Trustee (Ways and Means): Eberhard Schmidt

·          Trustee Food Service – Renate Cross

·          Trustee (Social/Rentals)- Gary Puseman

·          Bar Manager-Marc Connally

·          Choir Liaison- Eberhard Schmidt




We would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to JOHN STEIN for his service to the G.A.S. as Treasurer.  John resigned his position as Treasurer effective December 1st.  John will remain a member of our club, and we are looking forward to continued visits with him at our future events.  Thanks, John!  We welcome our new board member officers: Mallene Herzog, Treasurer and Sonya DeWitt, Secretary. We wish them all the best in their future work with our German American Society.  Karin King,  G.A.S. President




    2017 Nord-Pacific Sängerfest in Kelowna, B.C. - The Concordia Choir Spokane will participate in the Nord Pacific Song Festival in Kelowna, B.C. over Memorial Day weekend 2017.  Eight German choirs from Washington and British Columbia will individually perform German folk songs and selections from Classical music.  At the end, all choirs combine in a mass choir on stage.  If you enjoyed the recent Pioneer Day event at the German Club just imagine the glorious sound of eight combined choirs!
    The Concordia Choir will travel by bus to Kelowna and there will be enough space on the bus for anyone to join them.  Motel accommodations for the 4-day trip can be made at the Sandman Hotel and Suites in Kelowna at special room rates.  Please get in touch with Eberhard Schmidt (509-928-2595) or Suzanne Capstick (509-624-8025) for details about making room reservations.  The cut-off date for the special room rates is February 27, 2017.  Kelowna is a delightful place to visit, with its beautiful lake and mountains and vineyards.  There are 700 wineries in the area, so of course many tasting rooms.  This is going to be a lovely little trip; with a singing engagement you will always remember.  You're welcome to join us!


    Special Thanks to... - We were fortunate to have 2 very successful dinners in the month of October.  The Sauerbraten Dinner on the 15th and the Pioneer Day dinner on the 29th.
    Special thanks go to Esma Hatkic and Donna Kellams and their helpers for putting together a scrumptious Sauerbraten Dinner.  They not only donated their time, but also generously donated food.  Linda Kiser paid for all the meat - Thank you, Linda!  Donna Kellams donated all the desserts - Thank you, Donna!  Vision Marketing donated their left over commemorative beer steins for us to sell.  All these wonderful donations allowed the club to clear close to $1000 for that dinner.  Considering that our monthly club expenses are over $3000, this was a much-needed financial support.
    In addition to that, we celebrated our famous Pioneer Day with a special dinner provided by Renate Cross and Anne Heaton and their helpers.  A special thanks to Renate Cross who at the last minute stepped up to help prepare this wonderful dinner. Close to 140 people came to celebrate with us, including the Austrian Melody Choir, which benefited not only ur dinner sales, but also increased our bar sales. These profits will be announced in our next newsletter, after all the expenses have been recorded. The total bar profit for October was $901. Nice work Marc Connally!
    To add to the list of generosity by club members, we recognize Inge Cantu's donation of all the food for the September Spaghetti Dinner and thank her crew who served the dinner; and Mark and Debbie Connally, whose donation of fudge, added to the dessert.  This kind of generosity helps to keep our club alive.  Thank you so much!


Club Dues - Will be due in January 2017!  Watch for the reminder in the December newsletter.


Want to help in the kitchen - Looking for someone to cook or serve at the club dinner.  Send an email to if you're interested.


Want to join the Concordia Choir - Join the Concordia Choir and sing the songs that were part of your childhood.  If you're interested, send an email to





A Heartfelt thanks to each member who helped at Oktoberfest!  On behalf of the membership of the German American Society, who will benefit from the hard-work of all of the volunteers, the G.A.S. acknowledges our appreciation and thanks for the Members and Concordia Choir who contributed to the success of Oktoberfest on the River!  Some members went above and beyond by spending the majority of their weekend working to support the success of the beer operation and the promotion of the German-American Society.  Members of the Board and choir could be seen serving beer, welcoming guests at the registration table, mingling with the crowd, leading the dance, and helping with the set-up and tear-down of the bar.  Thanks to each of you!  A special thanks to John King who transported all of the supplies needed for the bar, recruited, organized and trained 80 volunteers to work the bar, and spent each day supervising his crew.  Karin King, our President, Barry Grimes and Cordula Grimes, Vice President, worked with the organizers of the event on the set-up and throughout the entire weekend. Inge Cantu and her team worked the registration table, and signed up six new members.  John Stein and his team handled finances. Mark Connelly, our batr manager, and Debra, worked with John King at the bar. So as not to kiss any of you who helped, we want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you who worlked so hard to make this event, our second Oktoberfest at the River, a success.


Non-Profit Property Tax Exemption Status:  In August of 2016, The German-American Society received a letter from Linda Yeomans congratulating our club on receiving a non-profit-property tax exemption status. The G.A.S. will no longer be required to pay property tax.  The hard work and dedication of Karin King, our president, and her committee members, Eberhardt Schmidt abd Edgar Bueschke, paid off.  The money saved from this non-profit designation and tax exemption will help us meet annual costs of operation and pay for the upkeep of our GAS taxes previously paid.





OKTOBERFEST AT THE RIVER! Put September 23rd through the 25th 2016 on your calendar and volunteer for a 4 hour shift at the membership table or registration table at the biggest city-wide German event in Spokane - Oktoberfest at the River. Call Inge Cantu at 509-467-7389 to volunteer at the registration table. There is still plenty of time to get involved! Get the word out! Tell family and friends! Bring friends and family to this event and join the Oktoberfest spirit. 
     ● The G.A.S. is selling orange wristband Oktoberfest tickets, good for all 3 days, for you, your family and your friends for only $10 each. Five dollars from each of those sales goes to the club. These wristbands can be purchased from board or choir members. If tickets are purchased at the door, the cost is $15 for three days. Children under 12 are free. Buy ahead of time, save money and benefit the German American Society.
     ● If you have any questions, please contact John Stein at 509-413-6977.


Pour Beer at the Oktoberfest and meet a lot of fun People!  The German-American Society i sresponsible for and benefits from, the sale of Oktoberfest Paulaner beer, as well as other beer, at this event! We need your help

to make this money-making opportunity for our club success. A fun way to get involved is to volunteer to pour beer for a 4 hour shift either on Friday, the 23rd, 12 noon to midnight; Saturday, the 24th, 12 noon to midnight; or Sunday, the 25th, 11 am until 2:30 pm.  Contact John King at 509-499-7989 for additional information.


Reservation Person: The club is in desperate need of a reservation person for our events starting in September. Please contact Karin at if you are interested.


For a list of the G.A.S. board members, please click here.


If you  need help with translation, please contact us at and we will try to find a member that can assist you.  We are not set up for formal or lengthy translation services. We gather your information and find a member who can help with small projects.  It is up to them if they want to charge for their services; some of our members have formal translating or teaching experience, so if we are able to help you, you can be assured that you will get accurate translation.

While the German-American Society does not have the resources to help you obtain a passport, we are very happy to direct you to the German Consular information to get you started.

For residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, your consular offices are located in Mercer Island, WA or Portland, Oregon. 

They can assist you, but appointments are required.

Washington State: (By Appointment Only)
7853 SE 27th Street, Suite 180

Mercer Island, WA 98040

TEL: (206) 230-5138

Oregon:  (By Appointment Only)
200 SW Market St, Suite 1965
Portland, OR 97201
TEL: (503) 222-0490








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