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Dear Members - Thank you very much for renewing your memberships. We are depending on every little income at this difficult time. I also would like to welcome the new members that just joined. We hope that you will enjoy the club as much as we all do. Your membership Chairman, Inge Cantu


New Board Members - At our general board meeting on the 9th of April, we elected new board members who are ready to assume their duties and responsibilities. They are eager to navigate our German Society with financial fidelity towards fulfilling our social and cultural goals. We are fortunate that we have found dedicated candidates to assume the following vacated positions.


J.D. Lythgoe-Hilliard has been an enthusiastic helper and supporter of the various chores in and around our dining facilities. This involved helping with moving shelving and equipment while our facilities were being painted and organized. This board position had been vacant for over a year because of illness. Now J.D. has been elected as food service trustee and is a board member of our society.


Rich Aspenleiter is no stranger to the operation and functions of our organization. He has served as our bar manager before. His valuable contribution to our club these several years is to maintain our website, This website has provided valuable information to members as well as nonmembers. We hope Rich will continue this valuable service to our society as well as making sure that we shall continue to have a well-stocked bar. Marc Connally has been meticulous in preparing monthly bar reports. He has been just as meticulous in providing a detailed transition for Rich. Thank you, Marc, and welcome Rich!


Dr. Hans Behrens, our new First Vice President has been an active member of our society for several years. His contributions have included providing a great tenor voice to our Concordia Choir, and lately he has added his artistic talents to beautify our Deutsches Haus. He and Karin Austin are the artistic duo who painted the beautiful mural face Third Avenue. There are more such artistic projects ongoing. He has been a valuable member of our By-Laws Committee and has a background in organizations and board managements. We are confident that he will contribute much to running our society and to promote our German culture.


We have a very competent and dedicated board of directors who work hard to provide and maintain our cherished cultural haven. They not only provide the leadership of our organization, but they mostly provide the actual work if cleaning, painting, moving, sorting, advertising as well as cooking. They have all been generous with their time as well as financial contributions. They do this because they love our society and it is our wish that more of you will volunteer your services in such things as cooking, serve as a host, help organize our dinners, help with entertainment and anyone of the many things to help provide the German Gemütlichkeit for which our society has always been known for. - Edgar


A Special Thank You to: Edgar Bueschke with the assistance of Charity Doyle and Karin King, for their efforts in obtaining two more grants. One for $3,000 from SAGA (for our future Oktoberfest) and one for $5,000 from the Care Grant.


Advertise in our Newsletter! Thanks to those community organizations who have agreed to place a business card sized ad in our newsletter. For $100. per year, we will attach a company's business card to each newsletter to let our members know of the services these organizations offer. This revenue will help offset the cost of mailing our newsletters each month!


Membership Dues Are Now Due! $50. Per Member. Make checks payable to the German American Society 25 West Third Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 Inge Cantu, Membership Chairperson.


MARCH 2021


Membership Dues For 2021 Are Now Due! Thank you to all those who have continued to support our club by paying your dues and for the welcomed extra financial donations. We will get through this tough time soon.


Membership is $50 per person. Any member who signs up a new member will get a free dinner. Make check payable to: The German American Society.


Send to 25 W, 3rd Ave Spokane, WA 99201 Inga Cantu Membership Chairperson


Upcoming Election of Officers: Our general meetings have not been well attended, getting less and less with every passing year. This year it is due to the pandemic. And now that we see signs and hear rumors that there will be some easing on the restrictive way that we had to conduct our club business, I am hopeful that we might announce a general meeting. This is in anticipation of our election meeting on the 9th of April. At our next general meeting on the 5th of March, we shall introduce the candidates for the two vacancies on our board of directors. At that meeting we shall also accept nominations for any board position from the floor.


At the election meeting on the 9th of April, we will not accept any more nominations. Where there is more than one candidate for any board position, election will be by ballot. Printed ballots will be passed out to all members in attendance (membership will be verified). The election chairman along with another board member will count the ballots and announce the winner by the end of the meeting.


Copies of our recently revised bylaws are available on our society website ( and then by clicking "Members Only." You will need a username and password to get access - you can acquire that by sending a message to webmaster @ Your membership will have to be confirmed before we can let you have a username and password. You may also contact me or our secretary, Dianna Kilgore, who can send you a copy via an email attachment.


Please continue supporting our German-American Society.  Edgar


Cheerful Helpers: A cheerful and industrious group of club members showed up at the Deutsches Haus on Monday the 8th of February to sort through and store the piles of decorations and kitchen supplies that were left on the downstairs dance floor while the storeroom were being painted. John King and Ron Niederstadt deserve our thanks and praise for having prepared and painted the storerooms. We fellows assembled and set up the shelving for all the stuff to be stored in marked containers.


The following ladies efficiently performed their tasks with a tolerable amount of laughter and chatter: Heiderose Glass, Annelore Kirn, Helga Schwitzer, Inge Cantu, Waltraud Johnson, Charlotte Shell, and Elke Griffith.


The guys that did the heavy lifting and provided their technical knowhow assembled shelves and moved filing cabinets: JD Lythgoe-Hilliard, Eberhardt Schmidt, Ron Nirderstadt, Gary Puseman, Peter Shell, and I too did my part.


It is worthwhile to note that all those members that we contacted to help, gladly said yes, and cheerfully came by to help. We have over 175 members and many others would help if we contacted them, but it is out of habit that we call the ones that we know. We would like to get to know more of you on a more personal basis. There is still much more to be done that will require your help. For those of you who are not that familiar with the functions and operations of our facility, please contact one of our board members, we shall be happy to include you in one of the various activities.


Thanks for your help!  Edgar


Kudos: A very special thank you to Andrea and her team from the Alpine Deli who made our wonderful Sauerbraten "Take Out Dinner" and also to John and his team for our "Sweetheart Schnitzel Takeout Dinner." We are thankful for their donations and volunteering their time and YOU for supporting these events during this pandemic to help keep our club thriving. We also would like to thank Charlotte Shell for donating a printer to the society!


Advertise in Our Newsletter: Thank you to all our loyal members and businesses who advertise in our newsletter. Because of their generosity, we can print and send our newsletters. Please take the time to look over the list of advertisers and SUPPORT their businesses.




Reminder: Please send in the by-laws approval/disapproval self-addressed envelope the secretary, Dianna Kilgiore, has provided. You are welcome to send in your membership dues for 2021 in the same envelope, if that helps.


Help Wanted: Our dedicated board members are maintaining the various functions and duties even during these restrictive COVID times. Dianna, our secretary, was busy stuffing envelopes and mailing our updated bylaws. Karin, our president, has been made aware of Chapter V, section 1,that we are to have a nominating committee in November. I was handy, so I am at it again.


We have a well-functioning and cooperative board, so I have contacted all the incumbent board members whose term was to expire this year, to serve another term. They all have agreed to serve - president, secretary, membership, and ways and means trustee. Marc Connally, our capable bat manager, has asked that we seek a replacement for his next term. And, we also have been seeking a replacement for Food Service Trustee.


In the meantime, we welcome nominations for all the board positions that I have mentioned above. We also seek volunteers to server in the ongoing functions of our society. Please do contact any one of our board members. The pay is poor, but the comradery and friendships are most rewarding. - Edgar


Thank You: to all those who generously gave of their time and treasure in this time of need. Your gifts are so appreciated.


Our thoughts and prayers - go out to the families who have lost their loved ones this past year.




A Note from The President - It is hard to believe that we have already made it to the fall season of 2020. It certainly has been one for the history books.


While we are still adjusting to the lasting impact that COVID-19 has had on each andeveryone of us, I am confident that we have taken the steps to position our club for survival.


We have proven that by standing strong in the face of uncertainty we can accomplish what we have Previously deemed impossible...


While its been quiet in the club, we have made many wonderful improvements:


1. Sewer Project

2. Vinyl flooring and carpet in entry way

3. Roof Repairs

4. Storage room ceiling repairs/with donated shelving - in progress as we speak

5. The gorgeous mural, as well as many more projects


                      Karin King


German Christmas Service - To be announced at a later date.


Spokane Preservation Advocate Grant - A very special "Thank You" goes out to the "Spokane Preservation Advocates" for graciously awarding our club a grant in the amount of $3521.25, to help with the repair of our unfortunate sewer project flood. The sewer repair included the concrete pouring, installation of new pipes, adding a new vinyl floor in our coat room as well as replacing the carpets in the upper and lower entry way of our club.


Mural Update: The mural has been completed. If you have not seen it yet, please drive by and let us know how you like it! A huge "Thank You" to all the club members who made this special project possible by donating to our "mural" and the soon to be completed fencing in front of it. However, we are still short some $$$, so if you are so inclined any further donations, it would be greatly appreciated.




A note from your President: Welcome back to our Fall season. Even though we are still not able to meet in person, we are doing our best to stay in touch with our membership through our Newsletters and offering our much sought after take-out dinners. On 26 September, we have the Schnitzel take-out dinner. Our  October take-out dinner will feature a dinner prepared by our famous cooks, Heiderose and Helga. We are still hoping to hold our Christmas service at St. Marks on the 13th of December. Despite these trying times, we are continuing to reach out to our club members and their friends, and you have been amazing supporting us. We have received several donations that help us keep afloat and we even received our first Membership renewal for 2021. This certainly lets us know that you are standing behind us and encourages us to keep going.


To Marie Meyer Schlomer on her 100th Birthday
Stay Safe until we meet again.


Karin King


By-Laws - As per our by-laws, the by-laws committee met on the 21st of August to review our by-laws and will be presenting changes and recommendations to the membership to review and approve. Some items are a matter of correcting clerical errors but there are some changes recommended that will bring our aims in line with current conditions.


We have a great board of directors that diligently works to make our organization an inviting place for all our members and guests. Besides the many administrative duties, our board members diligently work on maintaining the physical aspects of our building. we seek and welcome your help and your contributions.


Beautifying our Deutsches Haus has been an ongoing endeavor by our committed members and especially our dedicated board members. Currently, the north facade will catch the attention and admiration of passing traffic on Third Avenue. The mural that Karin Austin has designed is now becoming a reality. Hans Behrens, who also expresses his artistic talents with a paint brush, is seen on the scaffolding along with Karin. And soon, the large blank archway will reveal a colorful scene, reminders of German landscape and culture.

We hope that such endeavors will inspire more of our members to participate and contribute to keeping our Deutsches Haus as our inviting home for our members and guests. Currently, we have a most enthusiastic board of directors who contribute generously of their time as well as financially to preserving and maintaining our house. Because of the pandemic, our income has shrunk drastically as most of you are aware. Our fund-raising dinners had to be halted and our hall rentals were cancelled. We honor and acknowledge those who contribute financially by placing their names on a decorative plaque and we would be grateful to see your name appear on it as well.


Not so lovely as our mural are the ongoing efforts of such things as the repair of our roof, the water damaged ceiling. We filled in and cemented over the large planter area in front of the now painted archway. A wrought iron fence is planned around that area to protect the mural. These are just a few items that require your generosity of time or contribution. There are many generous members that deserve our thanks and acknowledgement. The one person I simply must mention this time is John King. He has spent countless hours on maintenance. He knows who to call when things need to be repaired and he is on the job to see the project through. He deserves our gratitude. And yes, he can also prepare a scrumptious Schnitzel dinner. It is hard enough, but thanks. -- Edgar


To view the progress of the mural art project from start to finish on the front of the building, please click here




Concordia Choir - is taking a trip to Vancouver, Canada on May 21-24, 2020 using a large Alpha-Omega bus. Choir members, their spouses, and guests, are encouraged and welcomed to join us on the bus. Increased participation will reduce the bus fare and increase the fun and support.


This may possibly be the last Sangerfest!


If you are interested in joining and supporting the choir on this trip, please contact Eberhard Schmidt at 509-230-5017 or email Eberhard at


Kudos: A very special thank you to all the cooks and volunteers who made our Sweetheart dinner such a success. Oh, my goodness John, the schnitzel was amazing and left us happy and satisfied! Along with John's schnitzel, he donated and baked the outstanding Apfel Strudel with the help of Karin Austin.


Advertise in Our Newsletter: Thank you to all our loyal members and businesses who advertise in our Newsletter. Because of their generosity, we can print and send our Newsletters. Please take time to look over the list of advertisers and THANK and SUPPORT their businesses.


We currently have spaces left. This means we need you to advertise your company or business.


For $100 per year, we will attach a company's business card to each newsletter to let our members know of the services these organizations offer.




Our Deutsches Haus has remained our cultural haven since 1897 where we meet to sing, dance and enjoy delicious German food. Over these 123 years, there have been dedicated members who have kept our facilities functioning properly. John King has kept our furnace functioning, our coolers cooling, our faucets flowing and now that he is passing on his maintenance position we are looking for someone to take his place!

John is willing to teach, guide and assist the new person on all the vital functions and operations of the Deutsches Haus, to insure a smooth transition into their new role.

If you are interested, please contact Edgar Bueschke- Club VP, Karin King- Club President or John King himself to schedule an appointment and discuss the responsibilities in further detail.
Edgar Bueschke 509-448-7029

The society could always use help setting up for dinners by setting up tables and clearing tables, or serving, cleaning, and certain kinds of maintenance. Please call the hall at 747-0004 if you are interested or you can send an e-mail to

Kudos -
To Heiderose, Helga and Elke for the most delicious Choir Fundraiser Rouladen Dinner!  John King, for all of the winter season's snow removal and the little things like bringing light to the Kaffe Stube.  To Russell and Ann Heaton from walla Walla for preparing the wonderful New Years Dinner for us.

A Valentines Message from the President:
I would like to express a heartfelt "Thank You" to all of our current and new members and volunteers who support our club in so many different and wonderful ways.  I feel that we are truly blessed to have you as a part of our community. You are being appreciated more than words can express and I am looking forward to celebrating many more events with you.  Vielen Dank!  Karin King


Kudos - To Heiderose, Helga and Elke for a lovely Christmas Rouladen Dinner! To Karin Austin for making the beautiful “Thoughtful Donations Plaque” so we can recognize those who have helped the success of this club. * IF you, or someone you know that should be recognized, but isn’t, please reach out to Karin. A big thanks goes out to Dan, JD and Ron for taking care of our dumpsters!

 Our Deutsches Haus has remained our cultural haven since 1897 where we meet to sing, dance and enjoy delicious German food. Over these 123 years, there have been dedicated members who have kept our facilities functioning properly. John King has kept our furnace functioning, our coolers cooling, our faucets flowing and now that he is passing on his maintenance position we are looking for someone to take his place!

John is willing to teach, guide and assist the new person on all the vital functions and operations of the Deutsches Haus, to insure a smooth transition into their new role.

If you are interested, please contact Edgar Bueschke- Club VP, Karin King- Club President or John King himself to schedule an appointment and discuss the responsibilities in further detail.
Edgar Bueschke 509-448-7029


Dear Club Members,


As your president, along with the help of several other club members, I have been working diligently over the past three years to have our building added to the Spokane Historic Registry.


I am proud to say that we have finally been accepted!


To celebrate this wonderful milestone event, we will be hosting a Plaque Dedication Ceremony featuring a slide show of our club's history, presented by Meagan Duvall, Spokane City Historic preservation officer.


Reception to follow at the Deutsches Haus, for complimentary coffee and cake on December 1st, 2019 at 2:30 pm. - Karin King


Club Member Update: John King will be retiring as our Maintenance Repair Man at the end of this year.  If you are interested in being his replacement, contact John for further information. 509-468-2761


Kudos - To the Tibbetts family and friends for a lovely Pioneer Dinner!  Becky, Ralph, Dan, Kathy, Lindsey, Emily, and Haley.  And, to Elke and Linda and their team for providing a wonderful Welcome Supper for our Canadian Visitors from Kelowna, BC.



OKTOBERFEST REVIEW - Our 2nd annual Oktoberfest was not only very successful, but also a lot of fun and everyone had a great time.  Welcome to all the many new members that joined our club during the Oktoberfest celebration. A special "Thank You" goes out to our advertisers who graciously contributed to our success by donating their services; Georg of Das Stein Haus, Andrea of Alpine Deli, and Manny of U-Haul.


Dankeschön - Thank you very much! Our Deutsches Haus was filled to overflowing during our recent Oktoberfest. This beloved German festival is duplicated, imitated and repeated everywhere. Yet we stand out. In our Deutsches Haus we feature authentic German food, beer, and above all, German Gemütlichkeit, a most endearing ingredient for a wonderful time. I have a long list of volunteers that helped make this event such a success. The cooperation, friendless and harmony with which our club members work together is the reason that our German American Society remains the oldest and the only ethnic organization still functioning in this region. Events such as Oktoberfest in our Deutsches Haus serve to enrich our cultural experience, entertain us and help create revenue to preserve and sustain our Haus. We are all proud to own and preserve this our Deutsches Haus.


                              Ein groβes Dankeschön für Eure Helfe!     Edgar





Welcome Back!  Hope you all had a fun and restful summer!  We at the German-American Society are looking forward to everyone joining us in the up coming fall events and activities.  Please check the calendar of events to see


Our 2nd annual OKTOBERFEST plans for 2019 are well underway to make it another fun event in our German Hall.  We need volunteers to relieve other volunteers so that we all have a chance to mingle and socialize in an atmosphere of German "Gemütlichkeit."  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Edgar Bueschke at 509-448-7029 or at


Kudos Oktoberfest Committee - A heartfelt thank you to our OKTOBERFEST planning committee. They have diligently been working on making our 2nd annual OKTOBERFEST a success. Chairman Edgar Bueschke and Committee members Karin and John King, Karin Austin, Suzanne Capstick, Eberhardt Schmidt, Inga Cantu, Gary Puseman, Gail Miller, John and Eileen Shull, and Dianna Kilgore.

If you  need help with translation, please contact us at and we will try to find a member that can assist you.  We are not set up for formal or lengthy translation services. We gather your information and find a member who can help with small projects.  It is up to them if they want to charge for their services; some of our members have formal translating or teaching experience, so if we are able to help you, you can be assured that you will get accurate translation.

While the German-American Society does not have the resources to help you obtain a passport, we are very happy to direct you to the German Consular information to get you started.

For residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, your consular offices are located in Mercer Island, WA or Portland, Oregon. 

They can assist you, but appointments are required.

Washington State: (By Appointment Only)
7853 SE 27th Street, Suite 180

Mercer Island, WA 98040

TEL: (206) 230-5138

Oregon:  (By Appointment Only)
200 SW Market St, Suite 1965
Portland, OR 97201
TEL: (503) 222-0490








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