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Beautifying our Deutsches Haus has been an ongoing endeavor by our committed members and especially our dedicated board members. Currently, the north facade will catch the attention and admiration of passing traffic on Third Avenue. The mural that Karin Austin has designed is now becoming a reality. Hans Behrens, who also expresses his artistic talents with a paint brush, is seen on the scaffolding along with Karin. And soon, the large blank archway will reveal a colorful scene, reminders of German landscape and culture.

We hope that such endeavors will inspire more of our members to participate and contribute to keeping our Deutsches Haus as our inviting home for our members and guests. Currently, we have a most enthusiastic board of directors who contribute generously of their time as well as financially to preserving and maintaining our house. Because of the pandemic, our income has shrunk drastically as most of you are aware. Our fund-raising dinners had to be halted and our hall rentals were cancelled. We honor and acknowledge those who contribute financially by placing their names on a decorative plaque and we would be grateful to see your name appear on it as well.

Not so lovely as our mural are the ongoing efforts of such things as the repair of our roof, the water damaged ceiling. We filled in and cemented over the large planter area in front of the now painted archway. A wrought iron fence is planned around that area to protect the mural. These are just a few items that require your generosity of time or contribution. There are many generous members that deserve our thanks and acknowledgement. The one person I simply must mention this time is John King. He has spent countless hours on maintenance. He knows who to call when things need to be repaired and he is on the job to see the project through. He deserves our gratitude. And yes, he can also prepare a scrumptious Schnitzel dinner. It is hard enough, but thanks. -- Edgar


The purpose of this society is to offer hospitality to all peoples of German extraction by joining closely in the traditions of the homeland; to cultivate the German language, to sing German songs, and to enjoy humor, poetry, drama, music, and dance in the tradition of German Gemuetlichkeit.

The German American Society of Spokane, Washington is located at 25 W. 3rd Ave. Follow this link for more information and a map.

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Click Here to view photos of the Mural Art Project from start to finish on the front of the German American Building.


German American Society building celebrates historic landmark status:
Deutsches Haus first in new category of Spokane Register.
You can also see the article here if you would like to print out a copy for yourself.


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Click here to read a wonderfully written short history of the German-American Society of Spokane provided by Edgar Bueschke.


Die Einweihung und Eröffnung der Turn-Halle
Translated by Edgar Bueschke


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"Few people have blended so completely into the multicultural tapestry of American society and yet have made such singular economic, political, social, scientific, and cultural contributions to the growth and success of these United States as have Americans of German extraction. - President Ronald Reagan, 1987