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Saturday, January 31st - 6:30 PM - Dinner and Dance



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Parking at Subway Parking Lot -  Only park in the east half of the lot!

Membership dues for 2015 are due during the month of January. Please send your check of $75
per person to the club at 25 W. 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA, 99201.

Saturday, January 31 - 6:30 PM - Dinner and Dance - John King and team (Yes, you heard it right, John is back and cooking for us) will be preparing this dinner! The menu includes schnitzel, potatoes, a vegetable dish, salad and a dessert. And, as an added bonus, Andrea Lejeune will prepare Feuerzangenbowle. This is a spiced red wine that you burn rum soaked sugar into. Waltraut Johnson will be the hostess for that evening and Norm Seeberger will be playing for your listening and dancing pleasure. For reservations, please send an e-mail to, and please tell us how many in your party will be attending. Alcohol will only be served to club members and their invited guests.

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The purpose of this society is to offer hospitality to all peoples of German extraction by joining closely in the traditions of the homeland; to cultivate the German language, to sing German songs, and to enjoy humor, poetry, drama, music, and dance in the tradition of German Gemuetlichkeit.

The German American Society of Spokane, Washington is located at 25 W. 3rd Ave. Follow this link for more information and a map.

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Cooks Needed - We still need some volunteers for our monthly dinners… we need cooks, hostesses and servers. Our club runs off volunteer support. Please, even if you just volunteer for ONE event, you’ll be a big help. Send an e-mail to if you're interested.

We've created a new page where we will post photos of some of our events. Click here to view this page.

The society could always use help setting up for dinners by setting up tables and clearing tables, or serving, cleaning, and certain kinds of maintenance. Please call the hall at 747-0004 if you are interested or you can send an e-mail to
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"Few people have blended so completely into the multicultural tapestry of American society and yet have made such singular economic, political, social, scientific, and cultural contributions to the growth and success of these United States as have Americans of German extraction. - President Ronald Reagan, 1987